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the Shaman's Fire

I am having fun making green smoothies from my garden. When I add a bunch of Orach, tho, they become 'rich brown' smoothies. Other leaves I love to use alot of are; borage leaves and blossoms, snap peas, parsley, kale, nasturtiums flowers and leaves. I add a piece of mango, or some frozen raspberries, some powdered lemon, water or juice and voila! An incredibly alive and vibrant, easily digested, good-for-you summer smoothie, full of energy.

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SlowMuse Presents: Broken Social Scene's Hug of Thunder

Tune in this Monday, June, 17 @ 6pm to hear the brand new album by the Broken Social Scene: Hug of Thunder. The album hits classic BSS sounds while widening it's aesthetic to hit on new, interesting, beautiful and cerebral sounds.