Artist Title Album Label
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod,Sergio's Magic Dustbin Intro to the episode
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod,Goblin, Tinker, Soldier, Spy An intro to Der Strewwelpeter, by Heinrich Hoffman
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod,Circus of Freaks A little on violence in children's literature
A Libravox recording of Hoffman's Der Strewwelpeter 1 Shock-headed Peter; 2 The Story of cruel Frederick; 3 The dreadful story of Harriet and the matches; 4 The story of the man that went out shooting
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod,Evening PSA for Mountain Eagle Books
A Libravox recording of Hoffman's Der Strewwelpeter 1 The story of little suck-a-thumb; 2 The story of Augustus who would not have any soup; 3 The story of fidgety Philip; 4 The story of Johnny head-in-air; 5 The story of flying Robert
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod,Sergio's Magic Dustbin Read a book out loud, in any language. It's very soothing.

Reading in Another Language

Recently, I joined a call where one of my grandchildren chose a couple of book for her mother to read: they were children’s books written in French and German. I shouldn’t have been surprised because my daughter studied multiple languages in university. The thing is, the kids lapped up the stories, despite not being able to understand the languages. That made me wonder what would happen if we listened to a few stories together, here. One of Llewellyn’s choices was Der Strewwelpeter, by Heinrich Hoffman. So, that’s what we’ll be hearing. I’ll also include an English translation, so it’s not all babble.

"Sergio's Magic Dustbin", "Evening", "Goblin, Tinker, Soldier, Spy", "Circus of Freaks"
Kevin MacLeod (




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