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Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod, "Sergio's Magic Dustbin" Intro to the episode
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod, "Fuzzball Parade" Why building community (and little trains) matters!
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod, "Magic Scout" Graham Greene's The Little Train (read by Christine Bruce, Ted Burgess, Carlie Quinn and Lesley Jackson)
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod, "Aquarium" A conversation with Glen Ingram on our train car's history and its future
Christine Bruce, Kevin MacLeod, "Sergio's Magic Dustbin" Thanks for supporting community radio!

The Little Train Car

In this special edition episode for our annual CICK fundraiser, I have the best children’s story for demonstrating the importance of collaboration in a small community. The story is called The Little Train, by Graham Greene. Yeah, *that* Graham Greene!

And for this episode, I’ve pulled some big guns from the Smithers community to take on roles, turning our adaptation of The Little Train into a radio drama. You’ll hear from voices of all ages, from a Second Grader all the way up to someone in the grandparent generation. You’ve heard the phrase “many hands make light work”; well, four voices will bring our story to life. And that’s just what happens when a community comes together to support an exceptional cause like our annual fundraising event here at CICK, Smithers radio, 93.9 FM. I’ve also invited our station manager, Glen Ingram, to come and tell us the history of *our* train car, and why we want to hear its horn.

This year’s theme is Tooting Our Horn, with a goal of attracting enough donations that we can afford to get our train car horn repaired. We’ve never heard our train’s horn, and thought what a great gift to our community, to be able to toot our horn at special events.

SO, in this episode, we’re going to try to raise a modest sum: let’s see if we together can raise $50 to repair our train’s horn.

All aboard! Let’s go get into some fundraising mischief together. 


"Sergio's Magic Dustbin", "Magic Escape Room", 
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