Artist Title Album Label
Gonemage Thunderous Calamity Celestial Invocation independent
Anti-God Hand The Horde at the End of Language Blight Year independent
Spanish Love Songs Haunted No Joy independent
Weald and Woe For Death & Glory For the Good of the Realm independent
Plack Pantera Dreadpool Grio independent
KEN Mode He Was A Good Man, He Was A Tax Payer VOID Artoffact
Code Orange A Drone Opting Out of the Hive The Above Blue Grape Music
Distaste Faschrist Der Ertraeger Und Das Fleisch independent
Heretoir Twilight of the Machines Nightsphere independent
Ragana Ruins Desolation's Flower independent
Xoth Saga of the Blade Exogalactic Dawnbreed
Dying Wish Prey For Me Symptoms of Survival Sharptone
Racetraitor Land Acknowledgement Creation and the Timeless Order of Things independent
Andre 3000 I swear, I really wanted to make a 'rap' album but this is literally the way the wind blew me. New Blue Sun Sony
Captain Jazz There's No Gold is There? Captain Jazz independent
Panopticon Winter's Ghost The Rime of Memory independent
Youth Pastor Casey Anthony Fan Club Merch Songs to **** and **** Yourself To Syrup Moose Record
Espi Kvlt Villain Vampyre Trap Syrup Moose Records
Unprocessed Die on the Cross of the Martyr ...and everything in between independent

Episode 20 - AOTY Part Three (17 - 1)

Exactly what it says right up there, this is part one of a three part "Album of the Year" edition of Syrup Moose Radio. Each track represents one of the best albums of the year, this one covers #17 - #1. Also, they are chronoligical and not by quality because your host is too cowardly for a ranked list. 

You can see the whole playlist below but come on, it's way more fun to just experience it. 

For more: 


Also this is the last episode of 2023, and I just wanted to say... Thank You. 


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