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Get ready for Episode 27 - Tales of Curiosity! Curiosity drives us to thrive by uncovering the unknown and seeking understanding. Stay curious and watch as your life transforms, heals and fosters love for others.  This week will feature a longer story,  ‘Soup from a Sausage-peg,’  from the collection, Fairy Tales,  by Hans Andersen. As well as the shorter tale,  ‘Karl Katz’, by the Brothers Grimm’s. 

River Reads is not a kids show but not not a kids show. Listener discretion advised.

River Reads is a program where those of all ages can escape into fairy tales and strange stories; both new and old, but mostly old and at times macabre, or silly, or even perhaps a little confusing as written in old english and the host fumbles words, and then there’s those stories whose premises have perhaps not aged as well over the years. Let’s face it you can’t be too picky when you’re dependent upon material available to you through creative commons. 

This episode's fairy tales are: 

  1.  Karl Katz. Grimm’s Fairy Tales By Brothers Grimm. Kingsport Press, Inc. Kingsport, Tennessee. 1976 Printing

  2. Soup from a Sausage-Peg. Fairy Tales By Hans Andersen. Weathervane Books. Crown Publishers. New York. 1977 Printing.

River Reads has won  Best Podcast in the Small Market category at 2023 Broadcast Dialogue's Canadian Radio Awards.

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The River Reads Show - "Not a kids show but not not a kids show"

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