Artist Title Album Label
Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer Riddles Wisely Expounded Child Ballads
Bjorn Olsson Vissling i D lite nya melodier
Ewan MacColl Sir Patrick Spens The English and Scottish Ballads
Alasdair Roberts & Friends Long Lankin Too Long in this Condition
Shirley Collins The Cruel Mother Rock'n'roll savior
Gillian Welch The Wind and Rain Songcather Soundtrack
Baird, Espvall and Krauss Barbry Ellen Leaves From Off the Tree
Tim O'Brien Fair Margaret and Sweet William Songs From the Mountain
Martin Carthy Prince Heathen Prince Heathen
Nic Jones Clyde Water Game Set Match
Pentangle Willy O'Winsbury Live

Child Ballds Part 1



This week you'll hear about a tradition in England that has men dancing with the antlers of reindeer who lived in the 11th century, you'll find out where you can read ancient Egyptian literature for the first time, and best of all, you'll hear some of my favourite recordings of Child Ballads.


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