Want to play trivia on the radio?

Hello and welcome to CICK Music Trivia!

I hope you are excited to play along with this trivia game. It was made by me, Pam Haasen (host of I Digress), and tested out LIVE at Smithers Brewing on May 15th. Then I thought: why let all of this research go to waste? Thus, trivia on the radio.

To make things easy, you can print this page and play Trivia with me on the radio!


Here are the categories for trivia:

Round One: Covers (answer questions about cover songs) 10 POINTS

Round Two: Sounds & Samples (can you name the sample in a song? Do you know the origin of a sound in a song?) 11 POINTS

Round Three: Listen Up! (You will hear the work "love" as sung in a song. Can you name the song just by hearing the love?) 10 POINTS
**This round is a half point EACH for the name of the song and the name of the artist.

Round Four: Finish The Lyric (I'll play a part of a song, and just as you're getting into it, I stop playing and you need to finish the lyrics. It's like musical chairs for lyrics) 10 POINTS


To score:

If you are playing with someone else, switch sheets and follow along as I give the answers to each question.


At the end of the game, I will give you time to tally up your scores before I give the final answers.

If you have any questions, I don’t think I’ll be much help, as this recording is from the past and I’m not able to teleport myself to your living room, car, or bathroom right now. SORRY!

But, if you do like the game or have any comments, please write to us on our facebook page or instagram at smithers community radio.


Let’s get started, shall we?

Dowload the PDF  https://www.smithersradio.com/files/May%2015%20SBC%20CICK%20Music%20Trivia%20%281%29.pdf



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