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Podcast Call for Submission: Share your memories of Joe Sullivan for a 25-minute+ podcast honoring his legacy in Northern Wrestling. Submit audio/video clips of answers to four questions. See form link below, OR Contact River at riverwildechild@gmail.com. Thank you!

SUBMIT BY: Friday, MAY 3rd, 2024

Share stories, recordings, or written memories highlighting Joe's impactful life. Thank you.

Podcast: Joe Sullivan's Legacy: "A Tree That Just Keeps Growing," Community Reporter: River Wilde (aka "Brady", aka "Sarah"); CICK News Longform Story, Smithers Community Radio, CICK 93.9FM

HOW to RECORD/SHARE: your 30-second audio/video clip(s) discussing the impact of Joe. 

Please refer to the four (4) questions* below and guidelines on how to share Stories.

Sharing Memories *Please answer below questions:  

  1. What do you remember MOST about Joe? (30-sec Max)
  2. What you think we should know about Joe?(30-sec Max)
  3. How did Joe AFFECT your life? (30-sec Max)
  4. Describe Joe in TWO words. (7-sec Max)

3 Ways to Share:  


  1. FORM- Written Submission
  2. FORM-Upload Audio Files;
  3. WEBSITE-Directly Record


Please share your responses to the four questions by recording and submitting four audio (or video) clips. Thank you! 

  1. Record Directly on our website. See instructions below. Visit smithersradio.com/node/add/event-submission (COMPUTER ONLY); OR
  2. Use this Google Form: (a) In writing, fill in form below; OR (b) Upload audio/video file to formOR
  3. Email audio or video clips (wav mp3 aac aiff, mp4, mov, avi, etc.) to riverwildechild@gmail.com [Subject: "Joe's Legacy"]

Please note: Editors have full discretion over content inclusion and may edit for flow, length, or artistic purposes. While efforts will be made to include all responses, final edits are at the sole discretion of the reporter and producer of CICKNews. After podcast release, ALL content (and transcripts) will be compiled and made available.

Joe's Legacy: "A Tree That Just Keeps Growing,"  airing Summer/Fall 2024 on Smithers Community Radio CICK 93.9FM at smithersradio.com.  

Questions? Contact River at riverwildechild@gmail.com


Thank you! 

Community Reporter: River Wilde (aka "Brady", aka "Sarah")

CICK News Longform Story, Smithers Community Radio, CICK 93.9F


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