CICK Hiring

CICK Hiring

We are looking for a summer intern who is between the age of 15-30 and wants to be the face of CICK for 8 weeks starting June-ish. This is a perfect position for someone who wants to add some audio production to their resume, has great time-management skills and loves chatting with people. $18/hr x 35hrs/wk. Contact

Deadline May 26th

We are also looking for a part time CICK News journalist who will chase down and produce 30 minutes of news per week. The new addition will extend our CICK News programming to 3 days a week and will have a passion for telling the stories that would otherwise be missed. Preferably based in Prince Rupert. $25/hr x approx 10-15hrs/week. Starting now and ending March 31st 2024. Contact

Deadline May 31st


The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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