Always something different and rarely monotonous.  

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  • Wednesday 9-10pm
  • Sunday 10-11pm
  • *EXPLICIT* Guess who's back with a brand new rap.

    And don't mean rap .. just kidding

  • Barry was a man of many classic tastes.

  • Difficult to discuss umcomfortable topics? War, Death, Vulagarness... Horrorcore Metal?

  • Inspired by the British Broadcasting Corp. — known semi-affectionately as "Auntie."

  • POP-POP! New, Fabulous Pop Music!

    Lot's of Canadian Artists to groove to!

  • Feelin' the Blues? Staring out a rainy window?

  • Vamos bebé, agita lo que te dio tu mamá, ¡sí!
  • Frédéric Chopin performed by Evegeny Kissin!

  • * EXPLICIT WARNING * New 2020 Rap Releases 

  • The perfect playlist for slow-motion day dreams!

  • Indie Pop that isn't gut-grindingly awful!

  • * EXPLICIT *

    New Music. Good, New Music.

  • Slow motion? Lost in thoughts? Contemplation? 

    We got sludge metal, folk, aoul...

  • An unusual mix of instrumental, electronic and some chill vibes... 

    Come on in for a good time!

  • New Hip-hop & Rap...

    Absolutely delectable! 

  • Tchaikovsky led the 1st performance of his "Symphony #6 in B Minor, Op.

  • Hospital Corridors on Moriphine 

  • Feel her baawdy, where dat Christmas partaay?? 

  • *EXPLICIT* Guess who's back with a brand new rap? 

  • Sentimentally-kind nostalgia with a pinch of melancholy. 

    Thanks for all the fish, Rain. 

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