Do you feel you've experienced something but can't connect it? A memory from a dream or perhaps a time you wish you'd forget? A film, a moment, a thought, even a taste. Take an hour with me every Sunday & Wednesday @ 10:00pm. No borders and rarely monatonous. 

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  • Wednesday 10-11pm
  • Sunday 10-11pm
  • It started out with unexpected hip-hop, fell into some groove and ended up nice & easy.

  • Let's not talk. Instrumental all the way, all genres. 


  • House, Trance, Techno, Dub. Enter with caution. 

  • Chant - The Healing Power of Voice and Ear 

  • A glimpse at Eminem's 2018 'Kamikaze' Ablum with song's from Motorhead, Missy Elliot, Youngbloodz, Spongebob Squarepa

  • Like a Version! Remixes & remakes that don't make you wanna blow your head off.

  • Let's have an uninhibited hour of alt-punk, 90's rock & some forgotten ol' classics. 

  • We're gonna take a gander around the globe, ladies and gentleman. Hold onto yer' butts. 

  • Snow like fine sand, lashes covered in frost; cruisin' a short winter's day for those who like to meander but only th

  • Artists, just like anyone else, can make a really bad first impression.

  • A journey where ears do the walking, jumping from one Cinematic Frame to another in instrumental (nearly) bliss!

  • Blood moons and in just as unfamilliar territory ... Country Music. Oh but wait, isn't this Blues? Folk?

  • I've recently satisifed one hungry travel bug. These were some of the sounds it's growling stomach made.

  • Distracted? Fantasizing? Here's a playlist to co-pilot your slow motion daydreams.

  • Kickin' it Hip\Hop, Rap, Brazillian Groove for a break in Bing Crosby Christmas replays.

  • Tired of overplayed Christmas Music? Run DMC! TLC! Snoop Dogg! MERRY MERRY HOLIDAZE!

  • Rock, instrumental, rugged vocals and folk, alongside anonoymous local Haiku Artist.

  • Let's keep it casual. Perhaps not classic "feel good" but an excellent showmanship of talent.

  • An easy listenin' exploration of electronic; trip hop, dubstep, groove... Alan Watts?

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