Music Submission

We accept music of all genres at CICK.  We do not accept singles.  We currently prefer physical cd's as we are still currently developing our digital submission system.  Music that is received will be reviewed by volunteers who will decide whether we keep and/or highlight the album for studio play.  We track on Earshot - 

Music can be sent to Smithers Community Radio, Attn. Music Director, PO Box 834, Smithers BC, V0J 2N0


Local Venues

As a community station representing the wealth of talent we have in our valley, we want to assist artists, based here or touring through, in making aspects of their work easier. 

As a primarily volunteer operated station we have limited resources, but can offer:

Lounge Car Session

- CICK has an indoor stage that we use to host our 30 minute Lounge Car Sessions.  Contact us for more info



- CICK has an outdoor, uncovered stage that is free for anyone to use and with notice, we can allow bands to use our PA equipment to (based on volunteer availability).  As a bonus, we can plug you directly into our on-air board for broadcast on 93.9fm.  Contact us for more info.

Other Indoor Venues
- the province of bc has a new space finding app.

- The Legion is the right place if you are looking for your traditional pub experience.  No PA system, but has a stag and seperate performance hall that can connect to the bar.  Good for 40-80 people.  Alternatively you can play in the bar itself which is smaller, darker, and more bar feeling.  Ask for Terry.

- Old Church is a refurbished small church in downtown smithers with a capacity of 80 and a simple PA system and light system.

- Glenwood Hall is a beautiful, rural located (10min from town on dirt road) hall with approx. 150 person capacity.  No sound system.

- Boston Pizza has a sound system and a ton of TVs that stay on.

- Studio16 does a house concert series.  Talk to Mike Sawyer.


- add your event to our Comm. Events listing and our djs will read it out on-air 

- on-air interview and/or live set (in our 100 yr old train car lounge studio) - just contact us via this site


- looking for audio equipment?  There are several options:

Small setup (battery powered pa unit) Richard Jenne 250-847-9728

Or the following from the Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society

                             BVFMS Sound Rental Rates

3-Way System for large venues includes the following:

Soundcraft 24 channel 200B Console or Allen & Heath 16 channel Mixwizard.

Front of House Rack with dbx 31 band stereo eq, dbx stereo limiter/compressor, Rane 3-way x-over,  Tascam cd player, Tascam cassette player.

Monitor Rack with 2-31 band Yamaha stereo eqs,  dbx stereo limiter/compressor, QSC 500 watts per side power amp, BGW 250 watts per side power amp.

Front of House power is 2- QSC 500 watts per side stereo amps. One of these racks for each side. Total 2000 watts for Front of House.

Speakers for FOH are 2- 15 inch EV bass per side with a 12” mid and 2” horn.

Monitor speakers, 4- EV 1201's 1-1502

System comes with 4-Shure 57's, 6- 58's, 3- PG81 condensers, 5 DI's, and clip on drum mic set and associated mic stands. 24 channel splitter snake, 24 ch snake, 8 channel return snake and 8 channel sub-snake.
Price for 3 way system for a not for profit one day event = $350.00
Price for 3 way system for a for profit event = $500
Mid-size venue system as follows

Allen & Heath 16 ch Mixwizard, with Monitor rack and 1502 kickass speakers, monitors as required, snakes, mics, DI's etc.

Price for midsize system is $80 / day non profit event, $120 / day for profit event.

Add Yorkville 15 inch powered sub(720 watts, 1500 watts peak)for $25/day not for profit, $40/day for profit event.

Light system is available. 4 Par cans per side with light board and stands. $50/day not for profit event, $75/ day for profit event.

Coffeehouse System has powered 16 channel Yorkville console, 10 channel snake, 5 vocal mics, 2 inst mics. 3 di's and 1201 FOH and monitor speakers. $50/day for not for profit event,$75/day for profit event.

The individual components for these systems are available for rent,( Call for prices) but preference will be given for rentals that are for complete systems in the event of conflicting rentals. 3-way system rentals require a qualified operator and the midsize venue option requires some signal path wiring at the venue. Arrangements for pick-up and return are to be made at time of booking.

3-way, midsize venue systems,lights and the powered sub are available by calling George Stokes @ 250-847-9077 and the Coffeehouse system is booked through Allen Banner @ 250-847-4363. For a list of qualified operators call George for more info.

About CICK

The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station.  Our mission is to strengthen and enrich the Smithers community by delivering volunteer produced radio programming.

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